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  • Open Letter to UBC Leadership

    On the eve of Trans Day of Remembrance, I asked UBC leadership to meet with me for a conversation on whether their policy on platforming hate propaganda has changed since they held space for transphobia in 2018. #TDOR

  • Trans Rights in BC: Some Interesting Case Law That Mattered

    Notes from a seminar I gave at UBC Allard School of law in 2021 for law students and interested faculty…augmented with some additional details afterwards. This is a living document. Delivered 28 Jan 2021 to Allard Law School (online) Morgane Oger, Morgane Oger Foundationhttps://ogerfoundation.cahttps://twitter.com/ogerfoundation|https://twitter.com/morganeogerbc What is Trans? “Transgender people have a gender identity or gender expression that differs […]

  • Why I Celebrate Labour Day

    Canada’s labour movement trains up future activists to continue the hard work that their elders have started to make Canada more just for us all. Labour has consistently shown up at our side in the advocacy work we’ve done. They can be counted on to stand up for individual workers and the oppressed in the face of unfairness. Each win they help bring ensures all our children, their children have better lives. On Labour Day, I celebrate this.

  • Chatting with IntraVenus – on SFU Radio CJSF 90.1

    Threats from men with guns: Morgane Oger speaks to IntraVenus about running for public office and the consequences it brought, her foray into acting, and how she sees legislation going to protect us all from hatred in Canada – on CJSF 90.1 Simon Fraser University

  • Temporary Shelter in Parks – Parks Board speaking notes

    Without safe, governed spaces with basic services in which campers can stay for extended periods of time, without ensuring the safety of everyone in or near our parks, and without addressing dangerous behaviour, the  proposed Vancouver Parks Board bylaws intended to govern temporary shelters offers little that is new that we can believe Parks Board staff are in a position to enforce and imposes undue hardship on those whose conduct they are being deployed to address.

  • Tweaks of Oversight and Inclusion Policies Needed at Corrections Services Canada

    Tweaks of Oversight and Inclusion Policies Needed at Corrections Services Canada

    I made some recommendations to Corrections Services Canada about improving transparency on human rights grievances and about more supports for transgender inmates.

  • It’s the hatred and the harassment, stupid

    It’s the hatred and the harassment, stupid

    It’s not the name calling that gets anti-transgender activists in trouble, it’s the harassment. It’s the incitement of hatred. It’s the acts of prohibited discrimination.

  • My voice

    My voice

    During the BC Human Rights Tribunal hearing, I gave hours of testimony under oath including 4 1/2 hours under cross-examination. These are the excerpts from the ruling. This is my voice.

  • We won: Bill Whatcott found to have violated section 7 of BC Human Rights Code

    We won: Bill Whatcott found to have violated section 7 of BC Human Rights Code

    BC tribunal rules that publishing flyers indicating an intention to discriminate on the basis of gender identity and likely to expose an individual and other transgender persons to hatred or contempt violates human rights law.

  • Audio: Vancouver Rape Relief to be excluded for future contracts until it meets City of Vancouver eligibility criteria on inclusion

    On March 13, 2019 the Vancouver City Finance and Programs Committee heard from speakers in favour of and opposed to a grant request by Vancouver Rape Relief. This is the audio of the speakers presentations. The city renewed the grant but listed the organization as ineligible for future funding.