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  • Politics: Why I chose to run with Mark Marissen and Progress Vancouver

    I’m a passionate BC New Democrat, and one lesson I learned from Jack Layton’s story is that when working towards the greater good it’s best to have a diversity of viewpoints on your side.

  • I’m Seeking the Progress Vancouver nomination for Vancouver Council. Here’s why…

    Vancouver needs people to want to stay here but over the last 12 years three municipal governments have struggled to bring results to make our Vancouver affordable. The situation is so serious that there are 12,561 fewer under-18s in Vancouver than there were in 2010. That’s why I’m seeking the nomination with Progress Vancouver for City Council: for a thriving Vancouver where people can actually afford to live. Find out more about why I think this really matters.

  • Let’s Talk Actually Affordable Housing

    Over 27% of Vancouver kids born in 2010 have left the city. Our city needs to do better on livability and affordability so families choose to live here.

  • Its time to add covid measures

    I’ve asked for three measures that I think will help everyone withstand COVID as the next waves come in my Jan 13, 2022 Vancouver Is Awesome op-ed “3 things that should happen to better protect B.C.’s most vulnerable against COVID-19” and in my January 17 news piece in the Georgia Straight “Morgane Oger: In the […]

  • Temporary Shelter in Parks – Parks Board speaking notes

    Without safe, governed spaces with basic services in which campers can stay for extended periods of time, without ensuring the safety of everyone in or near our parks, and without addressing dangerous behaviour, the  proposed Vancouver Parks Board bylaws intended to govern temporary shelters offers little that is new that we can believe Parks Board staff are in a position to enforce and imposes undue hardship on those whose conduct they are being deployed to address.

  • Vancouver Leads The Way: Public Funds Should Never Teach and Reinforce Transphobia.

    I am mindful Vancouver City Council members must be facing quite a bit of push-back from Vancouver Rape Relief (VRR) and their supporters as a result of today’s finance committee vote on the staff recommendation to cancel funding of their outreach and education program. On February 26, the City of Vancouver’s Standing Committee on City […]

  • Tell me, How will reducing Vancouver car traffic impact your life?

    If you live in Vancouver, I’d love to hear what you think about this. Please comment here or use the contact form for a less public engagement. The media is reporting that the City of Vancouver is set to reduce Prior Street speed limits to 30km/h and reduce lanes to 1 in each direction starting […]

  • Schools need to address supremacist hate-motivated acts.

    “… I hate [racist slur]. I hope all [racist slur] die. … I just want to line them all up and just chuck an explosive in there and go ka-boom! “ Vancouver, B.C. student rant in an online video targeting Black students Too many Canadians are touched by hatred, and it feels awful. Acts of […]

  • Vancouver-Centre Public School Mess Highlights Years of Ignoring Residents

    The inaction of elected officials such as Liberals Hedy Fry and Sam Sullivan is responsible for the pain Yaletown or Olympic Village parents will feel every day taking their kids to Coal Harbour accross the downtown core.

  • Municipal institutions need to add an anti-discrimination clause to facility rental policies

    On April 24 2019, I asked VSB Trustees that the Vancouver Public Library Library follow the example of the Toronto Public Library and reserve the right to deny or cancel a booking as follows when it reasonably believes use by any individual or group will be for a purpose that is likely to promote, or would have the effect of promoting discrimination, contempt or hatred for any group or person on the basis of prohibited grounds.